Whatis G.O.B.S.!?

ToScale or Not to Scale


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Welcometo the Universe of G.O.B.S.!-- Generic Outlandishly BigSpacefleets!

Yeah, we'veseen all the shows about brave starship captains, and all the moviesabout plucky starfighter pilots... but what we really want to be areAdmirals! We want to command galaxy-spanning fleets of huge,intimidating battlecruisers, armed with enough weaponry to obliteratea small moon... and that's just for breakfast. And by "fleet" wedon't mean five ships; we mean lots of ships. Gobs of 'em! Wewant our enemies to drop their jaws in amazement as wave after waveof starships fly in, massed in formation, just waiting for our orderto pulverize the opposing force into sparks and space dust. Yeah,that's what we want. We want generic, outlandishly big spacefleets.We want G.O.B.S.!

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InterstellarWarfare at its Funnest!

G.O.B.S.!is the game where fleets big enough to blot out the stars duke it outin the cold harsh depths of space... with lots of lasers, phasers,disruptors, cannons, torpedoes, all firing willy-nilly, with shipsexploding in glorious bursts of light and, yes, impossibly cinematicsound. (Physics? We don't need no stinkin' physics!) If you likespace opera style action, G.O.B.S.! is the miniatures spacebattle game for you!

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Scale?That's for Watching Your Diet!

G.O.B.S!covers everything from moon-sized planetsmashers to nimble littlefighters; whatever ships you can find, G.O.B.S.! will handle.G.O.B.S.! is scaleless, so whether you like teeny-tiny 1:2400scale ships or huge 1:300 scale ships (or bigger), G.O.B.S.!can handle it. Basing isn't important, and you can use a grid ormeasure with a ruler (or a yardstick or a meter stick or your AuntMamie's left shoe); G.O.B.S.! doesn't care.

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If you likedice, you'll love G.O.B.S.! G.O.B.S.! uses 'em all, and lotsof 'em. Twenty-siders, twelve-siders, ten-siders, eight-siders,six-siders even the much maligned four-siders; G.O.B.S.! lovesthem all, and has a place for them that makes sense.

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Where'sthe Ka-boom?

G.O.B.S.!is fast-paced and easy to learn. Record-keeping is minimal; in mostcases, ships blow up rather than retaining damage. (A two ship gameof G.O.B.S.! would be over pretty quickly. This game is aboutfleets, Sparky! We want explosions all over the place!) The length ofplaying time is dependent on the size of your fleets, but an hour ortwo should do it for most cases. Wanna play longer? Build biggerfleets!

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SoYou Want to Be a Galactic Overlord...

Don't forget,the G in G.O.B.S.! stands for "Generic." Whether your tasteruns to interstellar federations or alien empires, plucky rebels ortyrannical galactic overlords, G.O.B.S.! lets you tailor yourfleet to suit your fancy and your strategic vision. G.O.B.S.!offers 12 different ship classes, customizable with 9 differentweapons types, 4 torpedo types and 3 armor variants, each with theiradvantages and weaknesses. Big ships are slow and easy to hit (buthard to kill); small ships are fast and hard to shoot (but they blowup right nicely). You choose the tactical abilities you want, and seewhat happens. And just for fun, I've included a list of races(complete with special abilities and weaknesses) to give your fleetsa little added flair (or some unique challenges).

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Ain'tGot Time for Waitin'...

Movement issimple, and turns and combat involve both players nearlysimultaneously. (You don't have to wait for your opponent to move allsixty of his ships before you get to do the same with yours.) Forthose with a taste for it, simple vector (inertial) movement rulesare included. (But remember what I said about physics? Reality,G.O.B.S.! ain't.)

For huge fleetsand huge fun, G.O.B.S.! is for you!

And by the way,did I mention it's free? Just click here to download the rules.


--- HowardShirley, designer of G.O.B.S.!

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